Why iPad is Great For Teachers (and a Bit on How To Use It!)

The Science department at Walnut Grove is looking to make a technology plan. Before going forward, we’re using some collaboration time to share some current uses of technology by teachers in their classrooms. We have a teacher prepared to present how she uses an iPad, and another teacher prepared to present how he uses a Tablet PC. I don’t know whether anyone else at the school has used both, but I have… so I think that I have a unique perspective in that regard. Unfortunately I can’t be there for the collaboration, but I hope this blog entry will be helpful in my absence.

First, let me share my journey to using a Mac and iPad, which shows why I think iPad is great for teachers:

Now, if you’re going to use an iPad, you’re going to need apps, because although iPad has some great apps to start you off, you’ll need some specialized ones that do just what you want. That’s why my first recommendation to people with iOS devices is to get App Shopper*:
*This link may not work, because Apple seems to have pulled it from the App Store. Not to worry, the online service is still available from www.appshopper.com.

For teachers, the next app that I would recommend is GoodNotes:

Hopefully that gives people a good idea of why I think the iPad is great for teachers. I will be adding more to this page when I have time to add more about other useful apps for teachers, so if you’re interested in hearing more from me, please follow me here on WordPress or on Twitter: @teacheramiller.

See you on the flip side,



About Andy Miller

Math and Science Teacher at Walnut Grove Secondary School, classroom flipper, pole vaulter, husband, dad, etc.
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