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I thought that before I start adding any more content to this blog, I should write a disclaimer, because I wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me. I don’t want anyone to think that since I’ve started a blog, that I’m one of those people who thinks that they know it all. While I do think that I will be sharing some valuable information, the primary purpose of my blog is to have this serve as my teaching journal. In other words, it’s really about my learning. I even considered changing my username to learneramiller, but I think that my target audience (professionals in the field of education) will understand that when I say that I am a teacher, it means that I am also a learner. So I’m sticking with teacheramiller. Plus, I’ve already got a Twitter account that is @teacheramiller, a Google website that is, and a YouTube account that is teacheramiller. So here is my plan to lend some credibility to this blog, while trying not to come across as being¬†pretentious…

I will start by listing my credentials & experience. That should help readers of this blog understand who I am. I will also try to identify my limitations, so that readers of this blog understand who I am not. That way, if you read future blog posts of mine, you will know what my frame of reference is, and you can take it for what it really is.

I graduated from York University in Toronto in 1999 with an Honours Bachelor of Science, majoring in Applied Math and minoring in Physics, as well as a Bachelor of Education, with Intermediate/Senior Math and Science (Physics) as my teachables. I taught Math, Science and Computers (programming) for two years at Stephen Leacock C.I., in Toronto before moving to BC. The next two years, I worked at Southridge Independent School, teaching Math, Science, and a little bit of IT. I worked one and a half years in Burnaby teaching mostly Science, then started to wonder if I wanted to continue as a teacher, or look for other employment opportunities. I took the Society of Actuaries Course 1 Exam. I had one interview for a job as an actuary, but I didn’t get that job. I decided not to pursue becoming an actuary, so I went on with teaching, spending the next three and a half years in Surrey teaching only Math. In the last year in Surrey, I had the opportunity to teach Math in French as part of the French Immersion program at Earl Marriott Secondary School. That was also the year that I started teaching with a Tablet PC. For the last four years, I have been teaching Math at Brookswood Secondary School. This last year, I switched to teaching with a Tablet connected to a Mac, and I tried flipping a class for the first time (for one unit in Foundations of Math 11). Now I have just accepted a position at Walnut Grove Secondary School, where I will begin teaching Math and Science in September of this year. My intention is to use the flipped classroom method as much as possible in this next year (this blog will serve to document the experience).

As for limitations, I would say that readers of this blog should note that what I share in this blog is coming from my experience more than from research. I don’t have a master’s degree or even my PB+15. However, I have a number of years of experience and I’m very passionate about teaching. Recently, I have started doing a lot of online reading, some of which is research-based, some of which is experience-based, using tools such as Twitter and Zite to connect to my own personal learning network. In summary, I would say that while my formal education ended at the bachelor level, I continue to learn in other ways.

Now that this disclaimer is done, I feel that I am ready to share my experience and what I have learned as a teacher. Stay tuned for my next post, in which I will explain how my teaching has evolved to the point I am at today.

See you on the flip side,



About Andy Miller

Math and Science Teacher at Walnut Grove Secondary School, classroom flipper, pole vaulter, husband, dad, etc.
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2 Responses to Blog Disclaimer

  1. Jon Bergmann says:

    I look forward to sharing your flipped class journey with you. Best of luck.

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